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We are charity specialists!

The practice undertakes the audit of a broad range of companies and charitable trusts in a variety of sectors, noteably education, religion and the relied of parents.

Chater Allan have advised and audited a wide range of charitable entities. There were celebrations all round when the largest of these was successful in raising £8m of National Lottery funding to build and develop a major arts centre. Our role as auditors and business advisers to the company for the 10 years prior to funds being raised enabled us to contribute substantially to the necessary evolution of the accounting and management reporting systems.

At the other end of the charity spectrum, we have provided the necessary assistance to those private individuals who have chosen to establish charitable trusts. Our understanding of the complexity of charity reporting requirements necessitated by recent legislative changes has made this one of our practice's highest growth sectors.

We are charity specialists with wide experience of all aspects of charity accounting and finance for many different types of charities.

We offer a full range of services to our charity clients including:

  • Charity audits

  • Independent examination of accounts

  • Preparation of accounts and returns in line with Charity legislation

  • Accounting and payroll support services

  • Advice for Trustees in meeting their responsibilities under Charity legislation including areas such as risk management and strategic planning

  • Advice on charity tax issues such as VAT and Gift Aid tax reclaims

  • Assistance with grant applications and budget and cash flow preparation

  • Investment advice tailored to the specific needs of the charity.



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