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Stuart Berriman (FCCA, ACA)
Paul Chubbock (FCCA)
Ian McGraw (Dip, PFS)
Naomi Hedger (BFP, FCA, CTA)

Cloud Accounting – How it can help your business

What is the cloud?

Think about online banking. All data held this way, is being held in the cloud. It is a means of accessing information at anytime and anywhere, from any device. You don’t need special pre-installed software to access data held in the cloud, you simply need an internet connection and your log in details and all your information will be available. The same is now happening with accounting software.

What this means for your business

1. You are always looking at and using real-time, live data.
2. Your accountants can log in to your accounts and extract the necessary information in order to prepare your annual accounts. This saves you time sending back-ups and expensive printing.
3. The cloud software is automatically kept up to date, which avoids the pain staking and scary task of upgrading the software.
4. It is always backed up and has world class security.
5. The accountants can log in and instantly help with any of your queries as they will be looking at the same live screen as you.
6. It gives you the flexibility to run your business from work, home or on the go.

Interested and want more information?

Here at Chater Allan, we subscribe to the services of a company called Xero. You can contact us to learn more about the cloud accounting services provided by Xero or alternatively have a look at their website to see for yourself at

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